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Monday, March 06, 2006

Ben Folds In Concert

Ziggy asked me if I was going to blog about the Ben Folds show, so here I am. For some reason I decided that I wasn't going to, but Ziggy asked. He said to mention the fact that Ben asked if UI had a music school.

Ben is probably my favorite performer I've ever seen, along with Arcade Fire and Paul McCartney. I love it when an artist talks between songs. Ben not only did that, but he was funny and told stories, which is rare. It felt like we were hanging out in his living room while he did his thing. The set consisted mostly of songs from his most recent album "Songs for Silverman," but he did plenty of classics like "Brick," "One Angry Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Faces," "Rockin' The Suburbs," "The Ascent of Stan," "Still Fighting It," and "Army." Yes, he had the crowd sing the horn parts on "Army." And yes, it was more amazing than on Ben Folds Live. He even had the crowd sing harmony parts on an older song I didn't recognize. Amazing. I hate the crowd full of frat kids at UI shows, but I have to hand it to them. They could sing reasonably well.

His backing band was a bassist and a drummer, so it was basically the Five with new members, which was OK by me. They sounded fantastic. Ben did a few songs by himself on the piano midway through the set, then the band came back. They closed with "Narcolepsy" and nearly blew the roof off the dome.

The highlight of the show, aside from the amazing performance and Mr. Folds' smashing humor and presence, was his regaling the crowd with tales of working with Hollywood doing a few songs for the upcoming animated feature Over The Hedge. He said they asked him to rework the lyrics to "Rockin' The Suburbs" and perform it with Avril Lavine. I'm not kidding. And he said he'd do it, though not without hesitation. "You'd do it, too, if they asked you," he said. I don't blame him. He said that he submitted the lyric "Reading better Homes and Gardens, tryin' to drop a log" but it got rejected. I'm sure he'll get a good laugh from it once its over and done with.

I'm buying Ben Folds' iTunes session right now, so I can hear more of Ben's great stories. I'll go see him again anytime I can. Thanks for the evening, Mr. Folds.


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